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      Of Ops and Earplugs

      Hi guys,
      I was just reading an AAR about the last op Elite Warriors did and noted that comms seemed to
      be a problem. That's a recurring theme in most organized ops, unfortunately. TFAR can fix it to
      a certain degree, but everyone's got to be tuned properly.
      Something along these lines, I'm thinking:

      1. Fireteam Channel: each FT has it's own frequency/channel.
      (No fireteam member except for the FTL carries/tunes other frequencies/channels.)

      2. Fireteam leader packs two radios: one tuned to the fireteam, one to squad
      FTL tunes -ONLY- to his FT and the squad leader.

      3. Squad leader packs two radios: one tuned to "squad" other tuned to air/artillery support.
      As squad leader/overall commander he can switch back and forth to any channel he likes/needs.

      The snuffies in each fireteam would only hear the guys in their team.
      The squad leader only hears traffic from the FTLs and support units.
      The support units only hear traffic from the squad leader.

      TFAR can also be set up such that one channel comes in on the left speaker and
      the other on the right. This can come in handy if guys are unfamiliar with another
      individual's voice. ie: can't associate the voice with a name/callsign.

      Of course, getting everyone sorted out with TFAR/radios is another thing.
      I personally would make a new post in the "Missions And Events" area for now
      and "sticky" it. The post would include such things as the radio type/number
      each inidividual would include in his pack along with what channel(s) each
      fireteam should tune. It would also delineate the squad leader and support
      There's lots of TFAR tutorials on "YouTube", so including a link or two to
      those would also be helpful.
      Another thing which might alleviate some of the noise and confusion an
      operation/firefight entails would be the inclusion of an earplug script into
      the mission. I've found one which works great and the earplugs are inserted/removed
      via the "scroll wheel" option.
      Link to the files and a "how to use it in a mission" text file can be found here:

      Best regards, Odd

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      Hello Odd,

      First I would like to thank you for your input.

      Regarding the comms, we do have a complete training for this setup and the members of elite warriors are overall (mainly the officers) very proficcient in coms usage the problem during the event was the public people that joined us that do not have the proper training done to work with TFR, unfortunalty we as a arma 3 community expect most people to have some basic unerstanding of TFR seeing as it is the best raio mod aviable for arma 3... guess we have to drill the publics aswel >.>

      Regarding the earplugs, we mostly work either with our own script (this one is not on the unsung mission yet and works with a key combination) or work with ACE where we have earplug objects.

      That we have these points allready covered does not mean that we don't appreciate feedback so please if there is anything else you see that could improve do tell us!

      kind regards,
      KBBW - Kai
      EW Staf
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