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  • KBBW123

    by Published on 18-11-15 22:31  Number of Views: 1741 

    Allrighty guys!

    The time is nearly there. Soon arma 3 is gonna update to version 1.54 wich means that not only will I be able to release my modpack on steam when that is released, also the maps I have been working on in the new 3d editor on dev branch should work then on stable
    by Published on 31-12-14 09:31

    *******WHITELIST INFO*******
    Okay for the people that want to get whitelisted for the:

    - A-10
    - AH-64D
    - Wreck Heli 2
    - Chinook 1-2
    - UH-1Y
    - Special Whitelist Squad

    Follow the link Below:!

    by Published on 19-12-14 23:00     Number of Views: 1281 

    The Elite Warriors Development Team Proudly presents to you:

    Elite Warriors PMC Pack

    This mod pack will add a Brand new faction to Blufor called: Elite Warriors PMC.
    The faction will include several Ground vehicle's, Air vehicle's and multiple Infantery Units.
    the gear these units wear are Custom Textured.

    Including at this point:
    • **Air**
    • Ka-60 (EW)
    • A-10 MkIII (EW)
    • F/A-18F (EW)
    • **Cars**
    • Oskosh (EW)
    • **Infantery**
    • AA Specialist
    • Assist. AA Gunner
    • Assist. AT Gunner
    • Assist. Support Gunner
    • AT Specialist
    • Field Engineer
    • Field Medic
    • Heli Pilot
    • Marksman
    • Pilot
    • Rifleman
    • Section Leader
    • Support Gunner
    • Team Leader
    • **Officers**
    • Thumper
    • Swampy
    • Thesilverzim
    • Dark-Raptor
    • Mr-Pink
    • Eggbeast
    • KBBW

    *Yes there are acctually charecters formed after the staff*

    The purpose of this mod is to bring the Elite Warriors into the game ;) and for a COOP Campaing that I'll start working on.

    Elite Warriors PMC is licensed onder the following license

    This might change in the future so the Elite Warriors Development team holds the right to change it on a whimp.

    All the conent so far is original BIS Stuf. the textures have just been remade for this mods purpose and all credit shall go to BIS.

    Planned Features:
    following a list of planned features.
    • Implementation of the Nato-Russian-SG-weaponpack and NATO-SF_Russian_SPETZNAZ-vehiclepack*
    • More units
    • More vehicle's
    • More Ships
    • More static weapons
    • Optional more air units.

    * for the features I need permission from Massi developer of the above modpack. If he should not give that these features will be put on hold till i find someone who has simulaire Vehicle/weapons pack at his quality or sratch them of the feaure list.

    Once released (Alpha after the Xmas event) you can post all the feedback here. no feedback is unwelcome. just throw all you got at me ;)

    And ofcoarse some screenshots ;)

    Attachment 304
    Attachment 305
    Attachment 308
    Attachment 307
    Attachment 306
    by Published on 14-05-14 14:45

    Dear Forum members.

    I would like to announce that we have a new version of the populair ArmA 2 EVO RED for Operation Arrowhead.

    This version is still on Cherno only with new weapons
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