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    by Published on 22-12-16 21:29

    Payday is coming up guys... Remember to Donate and help us keep the lights on!
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    by Published on 22-12-16 21:14

    Operation Feetfinder I

    Date: Sunday 8 Jan
    Time: 3pm til 3am
    Type: Open Co-op, ...
    Published on 22-12-16 14:29

    ~EW~ Project Delta Milsim Ops Unit

    Announcing the formation of a new Arma 3 combat unit within Elite Warriors Gaming clan - Project Delta - A Milsim Ops Unit loosely based around the work of 5th Special Forces Group Long-Range Reconnaissance unit, a precursor to MACV-SOG. Timed to coinicide with the release of Unsung Delta, we are aiming to run ops each week on Sundays, playing with Unsung, TFAR and ACE medic system. Missions will be designed to make use of a modular force - some air and armour supporting the majority on long range recon and destruction ops.

    Project Delta is seeking able-bodied men of all ages to rise to the challenge, and learn the ways of the jungle from the veterans in this unit who have been developing Unsung mod and running weekly ops for more than 4 years - in the dark, the rain, the heat and against massively superior enemy numbers. Supported by the long-established ~EW~ Training Team, Project Delta will teach you combat skills, teamwork, weapon and vehicle proficiency and above-all how to survive i nthe hostile terrain of South-East Asia circa 1965-8.


    It doesn't matter your level of skill, as we can train you, but we expect you to be a reasonable TEAM player.
    Military veterans are especially welcome.
    Patience and an aptitude for team tactics are vital.
    We expect you to attend relevant training sessions and Ops on at least 2 Sundays/month.
    Suggested donation to EW of 2/month towards server fees.
    Arma 3 and APEX DLC


    You get to play Arma 3 with the best jungle fighters in the game
    We have a teaching (but not preaching) mentality, with literally years researching and playing Vietnam combat ops
    Informal game style and a fun clan
    Intense combat ops, great mission design and variations in roles
    Be part of the ONLY UNIT who beta tests Unsung ECHO and feed into its design.
    Faster white-listing for CAS aircraft

    We are looking for about 7 new players to fill a wide variety of roles.
    If you have what it takes, please sign up on the Elite Warriors forum here
    or contact Eggbeast on steam for a chat

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