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  • Elite Warriors PMC Warlords Event

    Allrighty guys!

    The time is nearly there. Soon arma 3 is gonna update to version 1.54 wich means that not only will I be able to release my modpack on steam when that is released, also the maps I have been working on in the new 3d editor on dev branch should work then on stable so this means that I'm able to hold the next event on ArmA 3!

    Elite Warriors Warlord event!

    Introduction to warlord:

    Warlord is a game mode that came out as a mod, its developed by a BIS employee in his free time.
    The goal of warlord is a TvE or a TvT conquest mission. you have the ability to call in reinforcements, call ammocrates and vehicles either to sectors you own or to your position.
    You can also get maritiem, helicopters and jets But you need the approiate sectors for it (i.e. for a helicopter you need a sector with a helipad, for a boat a sector with a harbor and for a plane a airfield.)
    You can also use a fast travel when you don't have a vehicle (this can however get disabled depending on the request).
    You can also call in a sector scan which will display the enemy's in a sector for a few seconds.

    Further more its also a point that you can't go to whatever zone/sector you want. you have to vote for a sector to unlock it. locked sectors will kill you when you enter them.

    The zones are fortefied by Greenfor, red for will be the enemy. (can be changed to make both blu- and redfor playeble)

    Because of this Warlords can have some rather good fire fights in its gameplay and can cause a good laugh!

    There are 10 blufor slots. (upgradeble by abother 10 opfor slots if request is high) so its a whoever takes a slot will get it on the day itself.

    Hope to see you on the battlefield!

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